Hi, I'm Nomna

I am a former corporate OD, change and training professional now turned into an individual change coach, writer and creative entrepreneur. 

I am passionate about helping people navigate changes in their lives in creative light-hearted ways that allow them opportunities to embrace the fun parts and endure the worst parts of change, so they can enjoy the positives that the change presents in their lives.

My entrepreneurial journey revolves around people, design and art, travelling, music and food initiatives I am passionate about. 

Celebrate YOU today

Are you STUCK?

Change is the only constant in our lives, both at work and at home. 
It throws all we know out and fills the space with fear, doubt and anger. We wonder if we even need it because we were comfortable in our little corners, even though we yearned for change.

As a formally trained and highly intuitive change coach I’ve been helping people from all walks of life and organisations turn their dreams and ideas into reality during times of rebirth and renewal, also known as change, for more than 10 years.

You may wonder what formal change strategies and creative art have in common.

Creative art is a form in which we express our unique individuality, whether it’s in the choice of words we use to tell our stories, the choice of clothing we wear on a special occasion that boosts our confidence, the choice of colour we paint the walls in our spaces and the music that carries our souls through rhythms of life!

When we go through change, often times we also have to change our environments to reflect and accommodate the new constructs, beliefs and needs arising from the change journey.

Zenwa makes a difference in people’s lives through helping them craft their own purposeful passionate living.

After all, change is personal. Each person will go through change alone, all we can do is pave the way.

We are a helping hand in co-designing creative solutions from change ideation to vision realisation, providing a listening ear and support, curating the right resources to sustain the future.

It is with each positive individual journey that change is a success story. 

Celebrate YOU! One of a kind


Are you frustrated by constant change in your personal and work life that leaves you unsure about your life path?

Are you ready to ignite your passion and turn it into your way of life while creating a legacy for the next generation? 

B - Build your confidence in order for you to

U - unleash that inner wisdom from your experiences,

I - Invest in yourself,
L - live a fulfilled life and

T - take advantage of opportunities change presents.

Online resources, guided coaching and support community are such tools that clarify your intentions, visions and dreams, provide you with ways and examples to help you build those aspirations into your way of life using technology you already use creatively.

Great thing is online means you can chill in your zone and BOSS UP with all your faves around you [maybe a little martini and your little black book ],
paint your
COLOUR and ADD SOME FLAIR to your life while finding YOUR VOICE.

We specialize in

  • co-designing creative solutions from change ideation to vision realisation,
  • providing a listening ear and support,
  • turning individual change journeys into positive success stories.

We do this because change is the only constant in life. It will always hit us, and sometimes we can't opt out of it. We can make it count for something worthwhile.

Even if it's just realising that there is a universal force that supersedes any single human capacity.

Best we do is live purposefully, for all we are is part of a universe made up of animals, plants, galaxies, the sun and the moon too! 

We are not in charge of the universe and what it brings into our lives, but we are in charge of what we make of it.

Commit yourself to knowledge of self and transforming self-fulfilment by being a mindful, confident and abundant being.

Rooted in promoting love, beauty, joy and peace.

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